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WELCOME one and all to my musician website! This is your one-stop place to find out about all the things I do as a musician. Here, I will update everyone about any news I have been featured in and projects I am working on. If you've here because you just want to find out more about me -- KEEP READING!


I grew up with a musical family and had many opportunities to perform while growing up. My musical foundation started in the church. My parents and grandparents brought me and my siblings to church EVERY Sunday. We grew up in black baptist churches -- for those that don't know, they are HYPE! One of the things I always loved about church is that it always was upbeat and energetic. Extra loud music, crazy talented bands and choirs, many people dancing and clapping, even your essential tambourine player in the congregation. At least once a week, I was subject to the kind of live music people pay hundreds to see maybe once a year.

When we weren't at church, my mother sang around the house and played music as we did our chores and homework. This inspired me to participate in performing groups at such a young age. My first experience singing professionally was in a touring choir called the Ocean State Children's Choir conducted by my grandfather, Paul Mancini Sr. As a brave third grader, I immediately tried out for my first solo in the classic, "Homeward Bound".

In fifth grade, I wanted to join the band offered at my elementary school. I begged to play the saxophone yet my teacher said I was too small. To start, I was handed the clarinet and...HATED IT. Nowadays, I love a good clarinet sound, but back then I wanted nothing more than to have an alto sax in my hands. When I reached the end of 5th grade, my teacher offered saxophone lessons throughout the summer. This is when I first learned how to play my primary instrument.

I practiced all the time and was met with top tier opportunities that many would dream of throughout their middle and high school careers. While living on Long Island, I was offered to sing in New York State level choirs and bands. My junior year of high school, I moved back to Rhode Island where I was also offered the same opportunities.

Although I loved singing just as much, I was accepted into the University of Hartford's Hartt School where I studied with Carrie Koffman as a classical saxophonist. During that time I had the opportunity to receive jazz training with Rob Wilkerson, the principal saxophonist in Michael Bublé's jazz band, and Javon Jackson, the tenor saxophonist from Art Blakey's Jazz Messengers. Halfway throughout my degree, I switched to a vocal emphasis and studied under the direction of vocal teacher and performer, Dr. Michelle Murray Fiertek.

During my time of training and education, I have been performing throughout the country and helped write and record music for that has gained nearly half a million streams and views. Notable artists I've worked with include Javier Colon, EMELINE, Paul Baloche, Eric Whitacre, and more. Today, my main focus is to grow my following internationally through Youtube and perform across the U.S. If you are interested in booking me for your next event, click here

-Ryan Mancini

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Aug 06, 2022

You are very astute

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